Scary guy in the corner

I noticed him over the rim of my cup as I took a sip of my spearmint tea. I nearly threw up.

No, not really but I thought it would give the story some added appeal. Nonetheless, he was scary.

There he sat with his intent cock-eyed gaze as he whipped out a laptop from a grotty bag with broken zip pockets, and logged on to the café’s free WiFi service.

What a cheat, I thought.

But the more I observed, the more I wondered. With such a face and audacity would anyone tell him off?

What of those of us who bought a drink and had a legitimate right to be in the café and to access the WiFi service?

In my mind’s eye I see myself walking over to him to tell him off.

But my chicken heart prevents me.

I mean, what is he doing wrong exactly? All he did was offend my values of right and wrong, which is a personal view.

Who said he cannot do what he’s doing? And what laws are there to enforce the rule “buy-a-drink-or-no-Wifi-for you”?

Are the moral laws of life so easily dismissed or are they never there to begin with?

How does one traverse this subtle path from self-righteous to enlightenment?

I smile to myself as I take another sip from my rapidly cooled spearmint tea, and noticed off the rim of my cup a girl with a skirt too short to conceal any modesty.

Why can’t people dress properly, I thought……