I would like to be the rain

I would like to be the rain,once the body of a whole it tears into a thousand drops and they find their way onto homes,trees and skyscrapers,sliding then towards the centre of the earth. Seeping into the ground or summoned once more by the brightness of day – I would be guided by gravity, constantly sent – broken and remade – indistinct to my peers, I’d come while you were sleeping, to become the noise your mind seeks refuge in – your thoughts lost in the endless pit-pat of a midnight storm.

Although how, will I seek to be with you? If upon touch, I slide away – we are pulled apart after our bodies are dirtied with slime and longing – and I become companion to the lost kids, who hide below bridges and in the thickest shadows night has to offer, evading an inescapable self and yearning only – only to be nameless and indiscriminate, they find shelter in the rain that wets and chills every ordinary man.

With dawn, I empty myself of all the things I have allowed myself to become, having gathered moss and scum I now let myself sink into the soil – arms spread and eyes shut, that same comfort of knowing – that I am being created and destroyed, always young and forever new – a life by the hour, one part of an eternal whole.