Here’s a short story by one of us, Gemma Rose.



The sky was wild, grey cloulds marching forward invading all corners of my earth. And as I watched the fury of the storm began to grow; Angrily the wind began to lash across the trees, ripping the weaker less mature to shreds. Then came the rain, at first huge heaving drops thrown at full force by god, untill ultimately in a burst the buckets were tipped and like sharpnel the rain pounded into the ground, tearing through the fallen leaves and seeping deep into the core of the earth. The thunder came roaring through my body like a runaway train, shattering all peacefulness into an explosion of unobtainable shivers. And like in a competition the flash of lighting pierced the now looming black sky, dashing across the finishing line only seconds in front of the thunder.

The storm of the land; the storm of my heart raging together as one…

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