Mississippi dreams

Mississippi dreams in the sun and rainbows in the shade,
Samantha Joy, she liked a boy, but the boy made a toy of her, a toy.
In the white room she sits, tears stream, tears
tears that sprung from her heart full of fear,
fear, fear gives no room to love
love, a concept that may vanish, disappear,
forever from her.

In the white room she sits, eyes closed,
Courage wells up and she puts fear aside
Eyes closed she dreams,
sun shining, through the window it streams
angel rays and then Mississippi dreams in the sun
Sunset Wednesday, running after butterfly wings,
Breeze kiss me gently, spring wave at me, you are pretty set me free.

Spring, now she dares to dream
and she dares to wait, for prince charming that comes with wings
she slips them on, the wings, and with them she flies,
she flies up into the blue blue sky
behind pretty pretty rainbows
above butterfly wings
she flies and says goodbye
to boys and toys
and rises up, and flutters
and there she goes, like the wind, over the sky
together with the swallows that migrate in spring
into the wind

sun rays envelope her,
hope floats under her, carries her, lifts her,
and then he kisses her, the white dove
and then came love…
real love