Ocean Beach Surreal Nighttime Moonlight by Toni Grote

The warmth from each other’s hands ran through the tips of their fingers, and surged up their arms as they walked. The winds kissed the waters, and the sea salt waltzed in the wind. The midnight blue sky blanketed the world, powdered with soft diamonds.

He stopped, and she did the same. She lifted her eyes from the soft sands beneath and looked at him. She wiggled her toes in the sand. Smiled at his eyes (pause)

Deep. They fell into the other. And deeper.

The world faded around them.

I love you, he said.

I’ve loved you in lifetimes before, and in my life times to come I will look for you.

To be by your side.

To see your smile.

To watch you sleep peacefully.

To wake by you soft skin.

To be next to you.

She tilted her head, and smiled.

I love you, she said.

Each passing moment I have with you, I want another.

Your breath on my skin, your lips on my fingertips. I close my eyes and breathe deep. I sit on a lotus and hum to the beating of your heart.

I love you, he said.

I love you, she said.


The waves continued to crash onto the beach, lapping up the beach’s own skin. The trees whispered to one another but they could hear nothing of this…

They turned, and continued their walk, and in the silence they have always known and knew nothing but, they walked the path they walked before, one heart’s hand in the other’s