Catch me if you can..

Katsushika Hokusai’s famous 1814 print – Philosopher Watching a Pair of Butterflies.

Catch me if you can said Charlie’s butterfly


Catch me if you can, says Charlie’s butterfly.
Silver moon, not blue.
Silver beet dinner caused silver beet blues.
Silver beet blues.

Look through heart’s prints.
Skipped beats and imprints.
Sand trails and dig marks.
Unrooted trees,
Pink and white daisies.
Soul’s sharings.
Scrapbook of the heart.
Where there is room for you,
room for me.
God deposits shared in the sun,
watered by tears in the rain.

Awaken. Arise.
The sun beckoned the eyes to open.
Open and awake.
Slowly wake, slowly usher in the sun.
Slowly rise. Awaken and arise.
Bright sunlight opens an empty space before us.
Open spaces.
To sing freedom’s song,
Sung to whom? For whom?

Beckoning call. Come.
Beckoning call to come and receive.
Beckoning call, to come and receive to give.
Beckoning call to open thy mouth.
Words of wisdom on thy tongue.
Fresh breeze blows.

Rise to greet the maker.
Expectancy in the air.
God deposits in the heart.
Expended to him? For whom?

Get on the train. It screeches and starts again.
Movement. The heart’s cry to collide.
To collide to touch.
A touch marks, a mark changes.
What will be changed today?

Walk through today.
Tread slowly, eyes open wide.
See the yearning of souls. To collide.
God deposits in thine heart,
Deposit them in another’s.
Take that rake, and rake it if you can,
sand trails and dig marks.
Share in the sun, water in the rain another’s heart.
What heart print will you make today?

Silver beet dinner caused my silver beet blues.
Silver beet blues leaves silver blue shoes in the rain.
I’ll leave them in the rain.
For who?
And the little girl picked up my silver blue shoes.
She’s been barefeet for a while.
Deposits, shared in the sun.

Awake. Arise.
You’re beckoned to come and to collide.