Friday Fictioneers: Then we were one

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge. This is nearly 200 words- a little long this week.

The sky was turning. Above her the dark grey swiftly overshadowed the blue. She looked up, soon the last light peering through that canopy would give way to the night. She needed to get out yet her legs were heavy. She stood still, her mind giving in to that tired body. Her rear end sank slowly to kiss the brown avoiding puddles from remnants of old rain and when her seats found comfort, her body collapsed. The ground that was beneath her now surrounded her. She snuggled, deepening into it. Eyes closed she felt the earth as it hugged her gently, caressing her and wrapping its cool brown arms all around her. The smell of the earth travelled through her nostrils and she sunk heavily sobbing, whispering for mother earth to swallow her within the depths of its caress. Her teardrops seeped into the ground carrying her deep desires before a silence loomed over them. Then the rain came. Pouring down it washed away the skin that once separated her soul from the earth. And she became one with it, forever.