Beauty of a Child

How you make me smile.

Even though you are not my own, my heart beats with joy when you smile.

How wonderful it is to see you.

Cute and cuddly you send me to around the living room. Going to the park, you say, going to the market, I teach you say.

What joy it is to play and experience childhood again. What joy to be with you even though you don’t really meet me all the time. Your simplicity reveals to me the wonders adults have lost.

Death of a child is like a dagger through the heart. A feeling like no other. The thought of loss chills me to the bone.

To imagine you falling jolts me out of bed shivering with fear. How I yearn to hold you and say I love you just in case you forget.

How sad it is to read about children who have no love or hugs, when you have so much given to you.

I don’t stare at parents with unruly children with contempt wondering, why can’t you stop your kids from crying, you hopeless parents, when I have seen you do the same when we are out for dinner. I now know a child is alive not a robot.

To imagine what you would be like or could possibly be is fun to do. A model. A doctor. A vet. Who knows as long as you are happy. How things have changed when your choice is the choice of society.

Now you can do anything you want. As long as you are happy. And you are happy. You smile. You play. You lift up your hands when you sing. You do all the things you want to. Such joy.

What is the beauty of a child?

A laugh. A giggle. A hug. A kiss. Such simple things that bring others joy. And love and laughter bubble up to greet thee.

What is the beauty of a child?

It is what lingers in one’s heart that lasts forevermore.