Friday Fictioneers: Head Tripping

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge. This week’s attempt is about 140 words.

See that man who lived in that shoe, he was cursed with a horrid job. He woke up in the morning and begins shovelling, the sand from off the shores. 

Day to day he would wake to the same dreary monotone. Sea to shore, and back again so the little town would not be covered.

I took a trip inside his head and stayed there a day, or two. I climbed through his ear torch in hand, expecting to see a deep dark trench.

But I was greeted with light, and a fresh cool breeze, all I saw were lush rolling hills of green. Instead of drone un-harmonic tones, I heard light, bright happy tunes.

Seated down in that spongy ground I looked up right above me. Bright brilliant colours streamed down in arches, not one, but more, they were surrounding me!