Hot Air Balloon

The fluffy clouds, I could not resist,
to touch, to rise in this hot air balloon.
Beautiful day,
the music plays.

Fresh, new, full of hope
the hot air balloon rises
Up, up, burst, deflated.

Walking past the old pub,
And the familiar whiff of beer,
Filled the nose.
Faint smell of cigarettes,

Hot air balloons,
seem imaginary,
Dejected, tears flowed a-plenty
Promises seem hard to believe,
I wait.

Grease filled my nose,
the old pub, and old taste of cigarettes.
And I wait. To touch the sky.
Pushing past the smoky screen,
And the wall of stale smells.

Walk on away.
My heart ached,

A certain kind of pain,
I could not go back there anyway.

He promised the sky,
the way there was blurry.
Breathe in, wait, no hurry.

That certain kind of pain,
no escaping.
Turning left and right,
it was trapping.
Pulling me down to my depth.

Closed door, an obstacle,
scissor trimmed the path short,
dead end, I died a little.
I looked into his eyes,
my immense pain showing.

I searched deep inside.
A love He could not hide.
In his eyes, the vision, the dream for me.
He'd set me free, he said.

Sparrows fly.
Hot air balloon, rise.
My pain, my confusion
I could not hide.

He caught my eyes,
and looked deep inside.

My questions unanswered,
faith, unexercised.
Heart, hardened.

Hands reached inside,
pulled out my heart.
Pulled out them thorns
that was stuck inside.

One by one.
His dreams, his visions,
He believed to be true.
Took a breath, and he blew.
Steps upward, stood before me,

And axe ready to sever
His dreams from off his heart.
Anguish flowed. A sacrifice.
Heart inflated, swallowed back in.
His presence on earth,
was only temporary.

Bloody death, shaken.
Awakened faith, it made a difference.
No signs to be seen,

But then wait a minute, Hope springs.
Hot air balloon.
Inflated, rise.
Upwards towards the sky.
Fluffy clouds.
Rising above.

I touch.

For BeKindRewrite Inspiration Monday prompt: Waiting to Live