Friday Fictioneer: Happy Meal

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge.

I sat there on the window sill, watching the little strawberry-haired boy play about with a straw as he sat in his high-chair. He then put the straw in his mouth and began chewing, and his eyebrows wrinkled up and his mother cooed at him adoringly. In the next booth sat a couple, about 70 years old enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone each, stopping once in a while to talk or to wipe white cream off the other’s chin with a napkin. “Humans”, came a dark voice followed by a grunt. Peter again. “Good morning sir!” I said, trying to infect him with my good mood. Grunt. Infection failed. “Oh well,” I thought. “Better not let his mood affect mine!”. The little boy stretched his head to kiss his momma on the cheek, and the old man got out of the booth and gave his hand to the old woman to help her out of the booth. In walked a family of seven, kids laughing and eager, and mom and dad smiled at their bandits and held hands. Peter never budged.