Friday Fictioneer: Moth Tidings

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge.

Luna had a glorious calling.

At the flap of her powder green wings the dormant seed is awakened, snapped free from frozen sleep. Her flutter calls forth life from the centre of the germinating seed that will push forth from the earth, bearing fruit.

She has been bestowed with a life that would bring smiles.

But I will never know such life. They would always look at me as if I am death.

I am but the messenger, whose flight warns of the dark one who looms, close behind me.

My white wings quietly float through dreams of the lover, telling him he is doomed to lose his other.

I do this swiftly in the night. So the lovers can fill their last moments with love, making sweet memories, distracting themselves from he who will soon snatch that last breath, leaving one of them alone.