Sunday Ramblings: Awards, awards…

It is Sunday and we have Carrie Nyman with us but first we have to thank Imelda Evans and Brian Benoit for their very kindly nominating us for the One Lovely Blog and the Creative Blogger awards.

These awards come with rules:

  1. Thank the people who had kindly nominated this blog.
  2. Nominate 15 (One Lovely Blog) and 7 (Creative Blogger) blogs for the respective awards.
  3. And say 7 things about yourself.

So here goes: For the One Lovely Blog award I nominate the following blogs (I would have nominated both Imelda and Brian if I could):

  1. We wander and wonder
  2. The Duchess
  3. The Girl in The Hat
  4. Patrick Tan
  5. Stoneage Graffiti 
  6. Josie Beecher
  7. The Urchins
  8. There You Are
  9. Paper and Salt
  10. Silver Fin of Hope
  11. My Literate Tongue
  12. Two Girls and a Road
  13. West Coast Nest
  14. Single and Happy
  15. The Crafter’s Cottage

For the Creative Blogger I nominate:

  1. Yasinger
  2. Brainsnorts
  3. Persephone’s Step-sisters 
  4. DF Barker Restless Art
  5. Monya Neba
  6. The Witty Gritty
  7. Wholly Kao

And the 7 things, I cannot live without:

  1. Breakfast
  2. The morning coffee with honey
  3. This particular YouTube, if I want to make myself laugh. A bit of Fry and Laurie always works again and again.
  4. Oscar Wilde and myself with cucumber sandwiches at afternoon tea, in my head.
  5. Red Shoes
  6. A bit of eye-rolling
  7. Bob Geldof’s silent moment in the middle of telling his audience he doesn’t like Mondays at the Live Aid concert…cheesy I know…but Cheesy is good sometimes.

So nominees, its now your turn to do the honours….

and am moving over to the next post for our time with Carrie…