Friday Fictioneers: Monochrome Silence

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge.

“Mountains do not cry, they stand tall, firm never fleeting,” the old man often told her during his last days. The days when watching the sunrise meant watching the sky turn from one shade of grey to another, when the world before him had faded into monochrome.

They often stood on top of the world silent. Along with colour, went his hearing. His world in his last days were filled with silence.

Standing on the mountains, she felt like crying. She forced her tears to flow, but her tears were stuck inside her. She choked.

She turned the container over and his ashes rested on a light breeze and flew past her.

Grandpa rose with the wind.

She heard him whisper.

It was then she saw the world the way he did the first time he came up the mountains. Orange and blue, packed with promises of a new day.

She smiled and took it all in, every part of it. She took it in deeply before it faded into a monochrome silence.