Even Stevens

A tandem bike is so random. Four eyes and beach boy saw it for sale just down the Mount one day and instinctively knew they had to have it. It’s a little much for beach boy, but four eyes reassured him that it’d totally be worth it.

“Think of all the fun we could have!”, was exactly what she said, smiling from ear to ear, doing mini claps to convey the feeling of utmost joy. He, on the other hand, said very little to disagree.

Neither of them had ever ridden one before, so they just stood there at first, arms crossed, unsure how to approach this mechanical wonder. Beach boy scratched his head and said, “It can’t be that hard, can it?”

Four eyes looked at him, squinting in the sunlight, “I don’t think so” she said. “Well at least, I hope not” she added as she wiped her wet palms on her weathered shorts.

Beach boy ushered four eyes to take the lead.

“You hold it steady and I’ll mount it first. Then, you go, ok?”

“Aye-aye cap’n!” four eyes responded as she gave him a clumsy salute and hurriedly held the front handles. With one swoop, he lifted his left leg over the bike and tried to position his boney buttocks on the back seat. This wasn’t an easy feat because four eyes couldn’t even hold a pose still, much less a tandem bike. She shook violently with his every move and lost grip of the bike that it fell on its side, along with beach boy.

Unfazed, they decided to have another go. “This time, I’ll hold it still and you get on first, ok?” he said. Evidently this was the smarter choice for although he was skinny, he was still a lot stronger than four eyes. Four eyes got on with virtually no trouble at all. “Ballet classes finally paid off!” she thought to herself, feeling rather smug about the whole thing.  Just as she was getting comfortable, she felt the bike moving against her will. She looked over her shoulder and saw beach boy with the cheekiest grin, pushing it forward.

“ARE YOU READY??” he screamed, hoping that his voice will cut through the noise of the wind.



Before she could even think, she started pedaling. But the pedals spun too fast for her feet that she missed them altogether and crashed straight into a tree.

She laid there, on a patch of grass underneath the tree, not quite sure what had just happened. For a moment she thought she saw stars, but then she realized that her glasses had just been realigned on her face.

Beach boy came to her side, looked down at her and smiled.

“Even Stevens”, he said.