Friday Fictioneers: Do not follow me home

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge.

He was at her heel, salivating, panting heavily.

“Do not follow me!” she screamed. The shrillness scared him and he stopped.

Why had she turned against him so quickly? He trudged slowly behind her.

Since he was two, they had been inseparable. He sniffed the air to catch her scent. It was faint.

She could not possibly want to leave him behind.

He tried to pick up speed but the pain shot up his hind legs. A reminder of his arthritis. She disappeared from his sight.

He whimpered helplessly, he is losing her.

She was still tender in the morning. He leaned over to lick the tear of her cheek while she was writing a note for Prudence on the coffee table. She smiled at him as she rubbed his neck.

Tired and thirsty he pulled himself toward the stream.

He leaned over and lapped the water watching the body of a dead woman drift past.

Her scent thickened, his ear pricked.

He heard her whisper.

Do not follow me home.