Paradise in the evening


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As the sun sets on paradise
I look at you
And say farewell…
at least for now
The wheels always turn
From up to down
“Because things are the way they are,
they will not stay the way they are”
I keep your letters in my bedside table
Each word, a hope
Each letter, a hope
Each day, a hope
You hold my hand,
And draw up a smile
Saying it’s okay
We sit on the hilltop
Looking over them
It’s okay,
I think to my self
It’s okay,
I say to myself
It’s okay, or at least it will be
But your hand gives me assurance
And your words give me courage
The amber glow of the sun kisses the sky
Fading into the valleys
So I keep looking onwards
Knowing the journey alone might not be easy
Your presence each night
Before I open my eyes…
Paradise is beautiful.