Friday Fictioneers: Human

For Madison Woods‘ Friday 100 word photo-prompt(picture above)-flash-fiction challenge.

I never told you about the hidden summers in my bedroom, when my entire being longed to be with you.

A need so vicious, I grew claws and a pair of brown devil-wings (the body sought to find, and consume you whole).

I’d bite myself, this amphibian skin was hard to tear – I needed to spill this lava brewing inside, see each fiery drop fall to the gravity of your sweet name.

Then I remembered, that you were mine once – and this knowing was ice to my own fire, it cooled me back to a mess of broken nails and shuddering toes.

I knew now, as I did then – you’d be bad for me, you would insist that I had to be destroyed (in order to be made anew).

Silly thing, didn’t you know – that I had already been shred to the core, that no part of me was left breakable?