Friday Fictioneers: Conversations with Chad

“There it is” said Chad.

We had walked a great deal of distance just to get here. He only told me he had something to show and with Chad, I could never say no. Not sincerely anyway because I know he often has a point, even if it is in a big roundabout way. He gives the phrase “beating around the bush” a new meaning.

I said nothing when I saw the abandoned house. It was barely erect and its roof was missing. The evening wind and reddish tone of the setting sun made it feel so lonely. Almost like it’s aching to tell a story.

“What do you feel?” asked Chad. I didn’t respond with an answer. Instead I asked if there was a point to all this as I turned to look at him. He lifted his chin and gave me a solemn smirk. “Aren’t we lucky?” he said.