Friday Fictioneers : Adulthood

For Friday Fictioneers, Madison Woods‘ 100-word picture prompt challenge.

I look to my father but his eyes dart straight past the dashboard, fixating on the evening traffic. He asks me about my new job, about my cat – and and a dozen mundane things while my mother is sitting at the back sobbing quietly.

The two have just had a fight, on top of the countless fights they’ve had over the past few years – and my father has no way of defusing the tension, so he panders to me for small talk.

There is a woman, another woman – in a lineup of many other faceless ones I’ve only heard about, and my mum has stumbled upon this discovery – her reaction is new, but familiar.

He stays quiet, as always – and as a child then I may not have understood, but I do now – and the image of my father has passed, stripped of its pride and expectations – I see that he is a man just like me,  so I leave him to fight his own battles.