Friday Fictioneers: Vineyard Tales

For Madison Woods’  picture prompt flash fiction challenge.

A long time ago in the faraway land of Vinesia lived a princess. She was an intricate sculpture with a delicate heart-shaped face framed by soft brown tendrils flowing down to her shoulders. Her eyes were pale-green, and looked like faraway gems buried deep in a milky sea. In the middle of her face, in between her glowing peachy soft cheeks was her nose, small and precious.

Many say that the beauty she possessed was not her own. The maiden that retrieved her from the depth of her mother froze in horror at the sight of her. When the queen saw the wriggling newborn with its deep purple skin and deformed face she wept and cried out to the gods pleading, for she had been cursed with an ugly child.

The gods answered and agreed to transform the reviling creature in exchange for something beautiful. The queen agreed and the gods came down and claimed her the way her husband did each night on their marriage bed. She rose and fell as they entered her, long, deep, passionate, they consumed her. And as they split her, her blood flowed and her beauty flitted upward from within her and into the mouth of the newborn child, burying itself in the depths of the baby girl’s heart.