Friday Fictioneers: Baby

For Madison Woods’ picture prompt flash fiction challenge.

She’s crying, again

I don’t know why –

Well, she’s a baby, and babies cry

I’ll get her some milk, it always soothes her a bit

You know you can’t keep doing that, after a while she’ll just start crying for the milk

Yeah, Alif, but this is the third time she’s crying today and its not even fucking noon yet

Give her water, ok, the body’s like that – you think its something else, and sometimes a little bit of water helps a lot

Water? We’ve talked about this before Alif, doctor Julie said it was ok to indulge the baby once in a while – and we’re not feeding her cocaine, its milk – its what you drink when you’re a fucking baby

Why do you have to bring the doctor into this – when did she become a co-parent?  You always do this, you’re not listening to me Sally – this is not good for the baby, it’s a shortcut you’re taking for yourself

Oh fuck you, Alif.

Sally pours a glass of milk, Alif has left the room.

The baby upstairs is crying even louder. The crying baby is like a broken tap, Sally thinks.

Sally looks at the milk, its icky whiteness and pungent smell.

She tips the glass and drinks all of it. She doesn’t even like milk.

Sally then leaves the glass in the sink, and goes up to meets her crying baby.

She carries the baby up, and puts one arm over the baby’s mouth.

Her sweater muffles the baby’s cries, and from downstairs she knows Alif is bothered by the quietness.

It stays quiet, for a long time.