Friday fictioneers: Lemonades + summer

For Madison Woods’ picture prompt flash fiction challenge.

She twirled till the dizziness took over.

She dropped to the floor.

She lay her cheek against the cold wooden floor.

Closed her eyes.

The dizziness made her mind float….
… that hot summer day.

She and Teddy were relentless in their lemonade sales. They had managed to cash in about twenty dollars already, but needed another ten to go have a glorious time at the carnival.

The crowd had dissipated and they were tidying up their wooden stall before more customers showed up. He was cracking silly jokes again just to make her smile.

She was giggling hysterically now. She pushed him gently, “stop it!”. He kept at it. “Stopppp!” she said, laughing as she shoved him.

He tripped and fell on the road.
Cars can be so silent sometimes.

When reality set back in, she stood up.
And twirled again.