Sunday Ramblings: My name isn’t really Madison

Dear Alfred.

Before I get to presenting our guest for this week I need to ramble a little. Indulge me will ya’ll? Sometimes, like today, I feel I’ve had it with this city. Facebook (yea these days that is where all my news comes from) is constantly bombarded with news of people getting abducted, robbed, raped, kidnapped and above that its raining in with the bad news. It does not stop.

Look, I once felt safe and shrugged these things off thinking they were petty. I then got scared and bought myself a few cans of pepper spray, and now I am starting to think all these people are making up stories. Girl(s/boys) on Facebook if you are making all this up I will so kick you in your nuts (whether you have nuts or not). Is it your hobby to instill, breed and nurture fear? Maybe it is the dude that sells the pepper spray that is doing all this. Conspiracy theories, let us make a movie.

I mean this (sweet world of ours) is nearly Gotham, just that we don’t have a superhero. I am thinking this time the superhero should be, Alfred maybe. What’s up with the suave horny rich boys that look either like Robert Downey Jr or Christian Bale (don’t get me wrong I really get very infatuated with their characters). You don’t have to be good looking, you have a mask on Batman. Geez. But of course if I were Catwoman I would not have fallen in love with Batman if he were, I don’t know, an unknown beggar with no teeth. Wow life sure is unfair isn’t it. You need to be a ‘type’ to be a superhero.

Oh, did anyone feel like they missed Heath Ledger all over again? Okay moving on.

I was compelled out of curiousity to know what goes on in the head of the girl behind Friday Fictioneers. I thought her name really was Madison Woods but the first thing I found out was that it wasn’t.

MW: Actually, my name isn’t really “Madison”. That’s a pen name I chose because my real name’s been appended to too many different last names to make a viable author’s name. I’m getting ready to change it yet again! But this will be the final change. I’m still going to use my pen name because it’s the one I’ve used to build my brand and platform over the past couple years. Anyway, my name is not who I am. I am a person who loves life. I enjoy learning what motivates and drives people, and I am intensely set on becoming free of the rat race of life. I want off the hamster wheel, out of the consumer perpetual feedback loop. So that probably drives more of who I am than anything else. I’m also a mother, grandmother, daughter, and fiance’, photographer, herbalist, naturalist – but these are roles, and only outward evidence of ‘who’ I am. I am Part of the Whole. And I guess it’s because I’m a writer who loves to ponder that it took me so long to give you the answer.

So then I got into the hard question, is there a life philosophy you subscribe to? (Sorry I did not know where to start!)

MW: Hahaha. After seeing how long it took me to arrive at the simple question above, you’re probably dreading the convoluted trail this one might lead down! Not to fear. I think this one builds on the previous one and my life philosophy stems from knowing that I am part of the Whole. I have a part to play in this life and I believe it’s my duty to figure it out and play to the best of my ability the part that benefits the Whole rather than one which detracts or distracts. That part is found easiest by listening to my heart, but to follow the heart’s guidance has been oh so difficult. I’m finally at a point where I’m doing that with less resistance.

When and how did you start writing?

MW: Some of my old journals recently turned up and I found a complete short story I wrote when I was 15. I think I had written some other short stories before then, but that’s the earliest one I have archaeological evidence of.

What did you write about?

MW: That first story was about a wilderness adventure gone bad on a whitewater trip in Colorado. I hadn’t gotten brave enough to tackle fantasy or scifi yet.

What inspires you?

MW: Nature. The idea that humans see brutality where Nature see efficiency, the necessity to step outside our human pov to understand the actions of Nature.

And what particularly do you choose to write about?

MW: I find I write a lot from a place just outside ordinary human interaction. Sometimes the characters aren’t human, sometimes the settings aren’t ordinary, but the questions explored are those that interest me most and have to do with the gray areas of life and those places some people are afraid to dabble in too much in their ordinary lives…like origins of life and religion, sexuality, death and destiny and fate, and the nature of man. I present those concepts in my stories, but it’s usually not obvious. At least I don’t think it is.

What is the most important thing for a writer? Or for you personally as a writer when it comes to writing?

MW: To allow yourself freedom to explore the darkest deepest recesses of your mind. That’s what I think is most important for writers in general (if I am to enjoy their work) and definitely for me in particular.

Do you have a particular discipline when it comes to writing?

MW: I’m not a very disciplined writer as far as a schedule of writing. I try to write every day. I’m not as prolific as some writers who have a specified word count and stick to it, though. I consider my time spent thinking and exploring as vital to my writing, so when I am talking online to people or looking for websites that interest me, it really is a form of research. Human behavior is a strong element I try to incorporate in developing my characters. That’s hard to do without a lot of human interaction. If you look at the big picture, though, I am very disciplined. Everything I do, in nearly every aspect of my life, somehow moves me forward (even if incrementally) on my journey toward a career writer. My blog is important. My brand is in development with everything I do because I try to stay consistent in how I represent myself both online and in person. I am true to life – what you see is what you get. But there’s a lot of thought going on under the exterior and every bit of it somehow finds it’s way to my stories.

Madison is in the process of writing a book and has a short story  (Wand of Ash: The Proving) out in amongst other published works.

MW: The story in Buzzy is science fiction, set in a dystopian world where cities are covered by biodomes. The residents of the setting of the story are of Original bloodlines and Engineer bloodlines. The Originals have magic and the Engineers have procedures. When Marci is recruited to use her ancestral capacity for magic she resists and fails her Proving, which results in her being cast out into the Interstitials – a no man’s land between biodomes. This is the story of her ability to tap into her magic finally and find a way to survive.

Check out her website for the link to the story. Think I’ll leave you with that, have a great week guys.

We have Readings coming up this 9th August and Jen will be hosting us at her Underground Supperclub. Can’t wait. If you are here join us!