It was too late to do anything, but Mark went to the train station anyway, hoping that he’d catch Grant just in time.  He thought he had missed him when he couldn’t spot him anywhere in sight. Grant’s train hadn’t left, so he waited, loitered around the train station, anxious.

He browsed through a copy of the Big Issue somebody had left in a cafe earlier. He flipped through it, over and over again, pretending to ingest whatever it was that was written in the magazine, yet all he could think of was how Grant smelled the last time they saw each other. Two coffees later, he saw Grant pass the ticketing office with his usual blue hoodie, a backpack and a suitcase. He smiled for a while, looking at this person in a distance. Looking at him felt like coming home as he recalled the amazing past three days they had shared.

“I knew you’d come” Grant said as he saw Mark approaching. “Such a romantic” he added with a hint of sarcasm.

Mark smiled a bittersweet smile and looked at his feet. He shuffled nervously back and forth.

“Why did you come here?” Grant asked.

“You didn’t think I’d let you go, just like that did you?” Mark said as his voice seemed to trail into an echo in Grant’s head.

“I thought we agreed…”

“Fuck what we agreed! Look Grant, I’m not going to ask you to stay. I’m not even going to try because I want you to go. But truth is, I had a really nice time with you and I know you did too”

They looked into each other’s eyes which was burning with desire. But both of them were trying to be sensible and not be drifted by the waves of emotion.  Grant, ever the sensitive one, the one who was more opinionated and outspoken, felt a sharp pain in his heart. He couldn’t help himself. It was love he felt, from something so completely unexpected. Tears started to well up in his eyes and he was ashamed at this uncontrollable gesture that he averted his gaze.

“You’re a bastard for coming here you know” he said.

Mark placed his palm in Grant’s face and leaned in for an embrace. Grant was still sobbing into Mark’s chest and left a wet patch on his t-shirt, one that Mark could never bring himself to wash.

“I’ve got to go” said Grant as he wiped his face. They kissed one last time and parted. Mark stood there, watching his train move further and further away. That was the last either of them ever saw each other.

Inspired by Weekend, the movie