Champagne by Adrian Ng

Open Window – Jew Town Kerala

He became the champagne that lay stagnant in his unforced grip. Sitting like a wish waiting for a shooting star. Life becomes yesterday, thoughts become formulas, dreams become the only place you think you’re alive. Not only does the universe circulate around me, I know things no one in the world knows. I’m a genius. Amazing.

Such is this, that analysis becomes a major part of his daily life. Why does he wear jeans way too tight for him and a shirt ironed to minimalist perfection primed for daily use in the contemporary world of amazing fashion. I’m not telling. A true analyser never reveals his amazing and insightfully proficient thoughts. It’s true. Don’t get me wrong. I love telling people what I think, I’m all for it in fact. I’m a firm believer in what you don’t believe. I’m not a rebel. Really I’m not.

The scariest thing he can do right now is find out he’s just like everyone else. In resisting himself he leaves his soul wasted. Now he will never know why he is left wanting something he will never understand.

-Adrian Ng, October 2008.