Friday fictioneers: Nadhirah

For Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction Challenge.

There were things said between Farah and Nad, and then they weren’t friends. It felt silly to Nad, that friendships could still disintegrate in your late twenties – something that had endured so much, should have been unbreakable – alas they were both faces of a shell, from one little clam. Taken apart, they’d still survive. And maybe it was stupid, for Nad to invest so much of herself into Farah – to anchor her own happiness onto another person. Today she allowed herself to drift, this was what it was like to be alone – she knew she would sometimes sink under the weight of independence, which had its fees. But she’d float up too, for little pleasures she had no way of knowing before. Breathe, she told herself, you’ll be ok.