Whitewashed Mistake

A Perfect Murder painting by Kim Sobat

Whitewashed mistake
Fifty pence for heartache
Chicken feet and five'o clock fruitcake

Girl on skates on the abscessed fat head
Tickle her toes till she goes green in the face
Asphyxiated. Stop.
A pale blood drawn face falls.

Mouldy mudcake
Overlooked expiry date
Oil drenched fish and chips in the sun by the lake

Eyes blue like lake hair black like lead
Sleek little black dress pulled over tight lace
Too tight. Choke.
A pale blood drawn face falls.

Disappearing Blake
Honey coated salmon-steak
He jumped from the window and died on a stake.

Sitting against whitewashed walls she bled
Stuffing her face with fried dace
Throat closed up. Clog.
Her pale blood drawn face falls.

Unadultered cream-cake
Tea and scone
To wash down the mistake

Red into white.