Friday Fictioneers: Through the Web

Picture by Rochelle Wisoff Fields

For Madison Wood‘s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt challenge

I look out through my web and think sometimes: How did I become a spider? I am really not that sort, and it is tough. I hate that I am one of the best at this web spinning thing. I really do spin the best sorts. Tight, strong yet translucent trapping about half as many insects more. That is why they come to me; I am gifted. But I feel a sort of connection with the six-legged kind. It was that Tarance and his political propaganda that seems to have given us eight legged kinds the right to kill. Apparently we are superior, made to rid the world of the lesser kind, the six leggeds. I remember the days where we were polite, eating only when necessary, and even apologising. We exercised mercy then. We now are fat, eating in excess. All that waste. Oh how I long for those days. But then, I keep spinning these webs. It is all I am good for. So as I look through the webs I daily spin and I ask men why I was made a spider.