Sunday Postscripts: The Issue is…

WritersClubKL is about six months old now (minus the days last year when we were Al, Jo and I) and while our purpose was clear at the start -to write, to share writings and to keep writing, it sometimes is easy to get lost. Purpose is discussed from various perspectives in Issue Magazine this month and there happens to be a podcast of myself, Al, Syar and others having a cosy conversation about the topic. Here are some quotes from the various columns in the magazine:

“In all our acquisitions, in all our attempts to build ourselves bridges to the future and the past with all our beloved belongings, perhaps the one thing we seek but cannot find in all our objects is an anchor.” Syar S. Alia.

“Your purpose for embracing hipsterdom as I have been led to believe and will believe so now is to rebel against the corporate empire, the Man, the Patriarcy. I hereby swear that I will turn a blind eye to your ownership of a Macbook Pro…” Kamarul Anwar.

“I finally understood that “the dream” isn’t going to be delivered on a silver platter, so here I am, awake from slumber, chasing after it. This is my compelling cause.” Sulyn Ooi.

“Actually, in reality, it is more accurate to say that my Art has emerged from the desert after fifteen years of banishment. I sent her off without food or water to roam a vast, red and barren landscape. I was afraid to allow her power in my life.” Michelle Bunt.

“It’ll start with you, where you fall prey to your own impulsiveness. You’ll be hollow of any real connections, because you can spend years building a bond with someone only to throw it out the window on a whim.” Al-Zaquan.

“But something happened. I think I left my twenties behind.” Raina Ng.

And there is more. So check it out and knock yourselves out with some soulful gem….