Sunday Ramblings: It is time for some Floristry

Martin Klimas – Colour of Sound

Martin Klimas

Pretty rad piece of art huh? Here is how he did it (as I imagine and read). Paint is poured onto a sort of surface that I assume is atop a speaker or sub-woofer of some sort. Music is played, and I am assuming again, quite loudly. And he, Martin Klimas, goes nuts with his camera capturing how the paint rises and falls dancing with the vibrations. Colour of Sound, pretty genius don’t you think? This guy has a knack for capturing moments we never knew we could see, moments that are fleeting. (Like the one where he captured ceramic figurines breaking when it falls to the ground.)

But if sound had colours, (I know people with synaesthesia see this already), I would imagine Trick Mammoth’s debut demo album Floristry, to be quite peachy. You know faint colours, like old movies, or like a slow motion scene played and watched through a sort of pinky peachy film over the screen. Yes it is lo-fi, recorded using singstar microphones, he says, but it has a very dreamy effect. Makes you feel like you are floating, sort of suspended in the air. It was quite aptly named I might add.

(He also played live here.) Live it sounds a little different. Less floaty. It feels like being seated on a wooden bench by the sea on a clear day, blue skies ahead, thinking dreams that are far away, yet visible.

Malaysian born Trick, has been based in New Zealand since he was about 4. He just left teen-hood behind as he approached his 21st year. His style, I think in Dunedin (NZ)’s Radio One programme – Just Landed was described as “M Ward-ish” “Eliot Smith-ish”. That, I think he might take as a compliment. Other words used to describe the music: “shimmery” “wispy” yet “substantial”. They described him as “reclusive”. I think he is just shy, but not permanently. He is just learning how to carry himself as a musician. Finding that confidence. He also has a habit of putting up music, and then immediately taking it offline and I think one of the guys on the programme commented that he should just leave it and “let the music form a relationship with its listeners”. As they said, and I agree, they might actually enjoy the music.

The Attic, Dunedin

Floristry is his first solo album (that he actually recorded and released). But there were other bedroom productions when he began exploring music. Trick begun with the guitar. He first expressed an interest in the guitar when he was in highschool. This guy had put up guitar lesson ads on and Trick emailed this guy who he ended up spending once a week learning the guitar from. The dude must have been quite inspiring. Trick grew to be quite confident with the skills he picked up and began playing in bands like The George Kay Experience and Mr.Biscuits in his later highschool days. They still do play together, he tells me. But they are also working on their own individual projects. (MalesMalesMales is one of them.)

I have known Trick a long time, since he was born really, and there are a many good stories I could tell you about him. This dude is funny. Once, in trying to trick thieves he thought might be after his hard earned savings of gold coins, he placed a piggy bank in another piggy bank, and inside the first piggy bank was a photo of himself. On the back of that photo were the words “Too Bad Thief”. (I honestly still do not know where he had hidden his gold coins). We had a good laugh about it years later. That boy has an imagination I tell ya.

Floristry Album Cover

But he also has a unique sense. He is contemplative, reflective and as a kid he was observant and thoughtful. As an adult, he is quite the same, and turned out to be bright and talented. (Not that I am surprised). I mean we do spend some time doing these writing challenges where we would write a few hundred words based on a picture, or a word, and often the things he comes up with, I enjoy. Here’s a snippet.

“Shadows building on shadows, breaking up moonlight. Blisters skim the outskirts of my palms. They burn and radiate, divide and compress. Up ahead a murder of black fumes, what looked like small crows coalescing and forming an outline of a clock. It’s face venomous and unflinching, it’s pendulum darting from side to side, menacingly, obnoxiously. Each tick louder than the engine of an aeroplane yet it was deafening, sharp, wicked. Heart shredding, heart shaking. Like blunt daggers grinding the insides of my ears, wave after anoxic-ating wave. Every second shaped like a lifetime, countless lifetimes over in the space of a second.”

Trick began seriously recording his stuff at the middle of the year when he took up a studio space with flatmates at The Attic. Being amidst talent, I guess it is hard not to be inspired but these guys, they really just get together and help one another out. They together with Muzai Records recently released a collective  It Came From The Attic featuring the newbies in the NZ music industry. They are doing some good things up in that space.

Trick as you will hear has an imagination, and a love for words, imageries and sounds which he reflects in his music. Plus, he is made of the right stuff (as his sister I would know). I reckon we should encourage him to keep on keeping on. So keep a lookout on his blog, it seems he is working hard on churning some music out.