I am a Butterfly

I am a butterfly,
I have two wings.
I soar high through the sky,
on a beautiful day in spring.

I am a butterfly,
with rainbow colours.
Look at me – ain’t I pretty
like no other.

I am a butterfly,
I enjoy my flight.
I can roam freely,
and give pleasure to your eyesight.

I am a butterfly,
come look at me go.
Just see me dance gracefully with beauty,
and you’ll fall in love with everything I do.

I am a butterfly,
that catches the eyes of many.
I’m constantly the object of envy,
as my freedom causes jealousy.

I am a butterfly,
why do you envy me?
I was born to do this – to fly,
don’t tell me you can’t see.

I am a butterfly,
and this was what I was created to do.
But that’s my life and my journey,
It’s time for you to figure out yours too.

*We often envy what others have. Maybe it’s time we
be grateful with what we have and try to make our lives better*