Sunday Ramblings: Cycles

I am exhausted but am learning more about my work-habits now I am freelancing and have to manage myself. It is tough, and I am not a great employee. I run through these cycles starting off being extremely productive and overdoing it, and then I slow down and squeeze the last bits out of myself before I crash and lay there watching episode after episode of Mad Men (and I went all the way back to season 1). I cannot help it. But this is why I always think it to be so necessary to have seasons and holidays. It is hard though, I have to admit to pick it all up and run again. I have lazy bones. I do.

My last two weeks were occupied with a project I am working on for Prestige magazine. The Top 40 under 40. Lucky me, I have had the opportunity of interview some inspiring people. And of course meeting others and thinking, hmm what has he ever done? But after going through my part of the list of people and churning out those mini-biographies I would like to think I have found the secret to success. There must be at least one thing all these people have in common, a personality type maybe? Or something. But here is a list of my observations:

1) If you come from a rich family, you have a higher chance of making it before you hit 40. The reasons being of course the resources in terms of money, and education. But wealth is not quite necessary. It just makes it easier.

2) Hard work. Yes sadly it does boil down to that, especially if you do not come from millionaire parents.

3) Focus. Most of these know exactly what they want.

4) Good examples. Parents that allow their children to see them work hard at something often produce children that work hard at something. So being born into wealth sometimes also means being born into some sort of a dynasty and the chances are, if your parents did it right, you are more likely to have learnt how to do it right.

5) Giving. I cannot explain it but somehow, the more one gives, the more one gets in return. Funny that.

6) Resilience. Need I say more?

7) And a very thick skin. Yup, it is true when they say that if you learn how to ask, you get.

Experienced and successful writers often can tell you they made it because they did nothing but write. Well. Didn’t someone say you need to get at your 10,000 hours of practice in before you can actually start being good at something? I am thinking it is about time I get good at this.

Let us keep on cycling on.

Al has gotten the bits and pieces for October Readings under control and will announce the details on Facebook next week. We also hope you enjoyed the several new contributors that have jumped on this bandwagon. We are still spreading the word and trying to get some great art submissions in for KL Stories.

Have a great week guys. I leave you with a little tune.