Friday Fictioneers: Anchor

Photo by Raina Ng

For Madison Wood‘s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt challenge:

He came and then he went, but his smell stayed in our bed. I left it there for you to discover, the marks on my neck and the two wineglasses on the kitchen table. Until night I waited, for you to come home and see how it had been wrecked, finally the destruction in my head had spilled out onto the floors. I wanted you to see that this body, this house – you had been returning to – it was all false, they had become impatient with the stillness. Alas you came, immediately saw and sensed that a few things were altered. You looked at me, into the person I was – my intentions, my waywardness, my evil – and knew to anchor it all back to you, the center and beginning of all the good things I would never lose.

Al can also be found at ISSUE Magazine.