Friday Fictioneers: Through The Rays

Tiger Rock, Pulau Pangkor by Raina Ng

For Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers:

They were both perched on stools looking through the old photo albums. It was nearly noon and the sun had begun to creep in through the wooden panels. She walked over to turn on the celling fan.

“Grandma, what is love?”

“Why dear, are you in love?”

“There is a boy from the next village who tells me he loves me.”

Love. It sometimes ain’t enough. I can’t tell her that. The young ones they need time to build their own ideas of love. This is how they start. With a feeling. A warm and fuzzy feeling.

“Who is this boy?”

“Oh someone I met at the school dance that night. He is Katrina’s cousin.”

“Why did you smile grandma?”

“Oh love is a beautiful thing. It makes everything look pink and pretty. But sometimes the pink it goes away.”

“Is that why grandpa went away?”

“Grandpa went away because of the blue.”

“Grandma why are you crying?”

“Because for me it is still pink and pretty.”

And she smiled at the little girl squinting through the rays of the bright noon sun.

[Short note about the picture: It was taken at a little retreat called Tiger Rock in an island called Pangkor in Malaysia. Check out Pinion Post’s little snippet, it is perfect fit to the prompt and is one of my favourites this week. Although I have to say there were a lot of brilliant pieces this time around!]

(Part of this story, entitled Mountain Daisy was also submitted as part of VoiceWeek)