Sunday Postscripts: Commitments

This time it is all about commitment, Issue Magazine that is. Yes Issue #5 is out. From Al came the honest confession, “To me, being with you was an afterthought to the things that mattered more to me: family, my career, my friends. You filled a nook that was okay being left empty, and I don’t know what that says about me. That I don’t need you, or need anyone there.”

From Raina the relief of finding lost baggage, and that lover. “He was not the one. Or I was young. He never made enough time for me. We had a long-distance relationship and he would come down in the weekends, to play tennis with his friends. I think that was my worst complaint. That and the fact that he never told me I was beautiful. My God what a selfabsorbed narcissistic creature.”

From Kamarul the humorous run-down of society’s obsession with adultery. “Not having enough of real bedroom problems in the media, today’s fictions – ranging from television series to films and even songs – feature extramarital affairs in abundance as part of their plot devices.”

And Syar talks about the boys she does not end up with. “Three years later we are happy and so in love. He has given up his motorbike after a fight we have about how worried I am for his safety. His hard edges soften; we take care of each other. One day, an errant drunk driver kills him as he crosses a street. I am a fucking mess and maybe get into some soft drugs and every day I wear the ring he gave me on a chain around my neck.”

Then there is Michelle’s. “The shoes mirrored my relationship at that time in so many ways. They gave me blisters (even more so than normal new shoes), and as I walked around in them and served customers for hours at work with a congenial smile, my feet (and heart) bled crimson ribbons of anguish.”

Tune into this month’s Issue Magazine for more.