Sunday Ramblings: Oh Hello

No, Timothy Olyphant does not work here…

“There’s this really cute guy,” I told my new colleague.

“Describe him,” she said.

“He’s bald, and wears a white shirt, and sometimes a hat.”

She sucks on the end of the slim Vogue cigarette and runs through the guys at the office in her head.

“There’s no such person.”


She thinks again. I start recalling if I described him correctly and frown a little. I inhaled.

“Yes I think you saw a ghost.”

Oh dear. The only cute guy at my new workplace is a ghost?

“No really I’ll show you next time I see him.”

“Ok, who does he usually hang out with.”

“He is always alone when I see him.”

“He hangs out with no one?” Her right-brow raised.


“It is either your imagination or we have a ghost.”

I need to stop imagining cute guys in weird places, don’t I?

But ghosts aside, I am getting to know the job. You know when you shake hands with it and introduce yourself, then feel like you’ve met before because it feels a little familiar. Then you get warmed up, start chatting, and then start making mental notes about each other. It’s been two weeks and we are now getting to know each other, and getting to like each other, yes like that song in King and I.

I hope this like lasts. (And yes that cute guy really does not exist, yup, I am capable of such imaginings…)