Dear ever-changing stars

At that moment she thought she could hear the stars drag themselves across the sky and click into place. This was what it meant. He was her destiny. They were meant to be together. And it was oh so easy.

Their eyes locked and he felt his heart tug, she felt a deep knowing. They looked at each other across the room and he bought two drinks and brought it over.

“Whisky or wine?”

She picked the wine. They sipped their drinks and chatted through the night. He forgot to ask her number, and she realised only when she got home that to see each other again they would have to completely rely upon chance. She was excited. It was romantic because if they did meet again it would mean, they were meant to be together.

She spent the next few days looking out for him, and he kicked himself for forgetting to ask her number but life went on. He picked up some girls, shared cigarettes with them, bought them drinks, the usual as she traipsed the streets looking at every man in the eye to find the one.

That day the sky was particularly grey. She pulled up her boots and funny enough that song was in her head. That awfully woozy song, Faithfully. She hummed to it as she walked towards the station. Stopped at the coffee car, picked up her usual coffee and the lastest copy of that magazine she occasionally reads, tucked it under her arm and down the stairs to the subway station.

He ran down the subway steps and saw her from the corner of his eye. His heart raced a little and he smiled. She looked up, saw him and smiled. There he was, amidst the chorus of Faithfully, he had appeared. It must be fate.

“It must be fate” he chirped.

She smiled.

“I am going to get your number this time,” he said.

She wrote it down.

He called her a few days later. They had coffee. And then they had lunch, and dinner, and he walked her back to her place and came upstairs. Then he stayed over. And well, that was it. They were meant to be together.

They would walk to the subway hand in hand like two lovebirds. Had movie dates, and dinners, went out with their friends, danced the night away. They were comfortable and they were meant to be together.

But little did they know that stars are ever changing. And that night, when they were both at different parties he met a girl. She asked him for a cigarette and at that moment, the twinkly things felt it was time for a change and so when she winked at him that night cigarette in her delicate fingers, his heart tugged and the stars realigned.

And for she who was his, she grew wings and began to fly, got caught up and fell in love with another guy.

Just like that.

Who knew that some things are meant to be,

though not forever.