Sunday Ramblings: Hello Little Christmas Tree

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland, Meet Me in St Louis (click for video)

Someone who does not celebrate christmas once attempted to burst the pretty christmas bubbles that float around me at the end of the year. “Jesus was not born in December – so what were we celebrating?” You ask me? Really? To be honest, that manger story is sweet but, for as long as I can remember, despite the millions of times I have heard it, I have always been trying to figure out what was so merry about christmas.

The other day while standing in line in the recently decorated Starbucks downtown staring at the mini christmas tree and luring posters about those Christmas Fraps we must have and the perfect gift in coffee tumblers. The carols rang in my ears and the gold balls on the tree faded before my eyes as I try staring through them. I realised that I had never really “celebrated” christmas as such, rather, it was just some ritual where we feel obligated to buy gifts and be happy that the year is done. I had never particularly enjoyed the day ever since I grew out of the Santa I was always so terrified of anyway. I was Santa-phobic, yes. As a three year old I would cry at the sight of the scary old man with too much hair everywhere. He was scary, because he was a phony. He was. So why are we fed this myth yearly that everything we want will be given us, at the end of the year, by the man in red?

The end of the year, really is a melancholic time for me. It is scary to be reminded through those christmas bells, and carols that the year is about to end, and really, what have we achieved? For those who have not quite gotten all they hoped the year would give them – it is a disappointing time indeed, and hope is necessary. Just to make it all better. Just so we can carry on excited about the year to come. I think St.Nicholas if he were true, only had that in mind, and even if he were not true, St.Fabricate made him up for this very reason. To give us a tinge of hope, and to teach kids to hope for just that train set they had always wanted – or nowadays its probably that iPad they wanted. And without forgetting the lesson that we should all really earn that thing, someone made up that Santa Claus is coming to town song, checking the lists of who’s been good or bad. Be good, earn presents. That is the tagline. (I have been watching too much Mad Men – there must always be a line.)

This Christmas is a special one for me, I have not spent it with my family in years, and am so glad I am doing so this year. Because if Santa was not real, and Jesus was not born on Christmas day, then we at least should take the day to celebrate the family. To be grateful for all we have, and then to be hopeful for all that is to come, and of course to psych yourself up towards the new year, so you can set those goals and work at it again and hope, the next year your Thanksgiving list is a lot longer than that list you are posting to the north pole to that man. It is oh so necessary, Christmas. Or more so, Hope.

I had a pretty good year so far, thankfully, and am winding down the year with a month off near the south pole, which is very much home for me, and perfect. I plan to make the last run towards finishing the things I wanted to get done this year, and strategically planning on how to achieve the unfinished business when the new year chugs along. And for the things I cannot by my own hands achieve, there is hope.

So what if Santa isn’t real, and Jesus was not born in December.

I just celebrate, for Hope’s sake.