Slow Dance ~ Part One ~

Have you ever felt the sunlight that crept through your window
or watch the bees buzzing around the meadow?
Life’s kinda’ short so let’s take a gamble,
lets slow dance through life and just amble.

Have you watched the clouds evolve
or pay attention as the world around you revolve?
Life on earth is beautiful and full of mysteries,
so lets slow dance through life and enjoy its histories.

Have you ever heard the birds chirping in the morning
or realized how cute a cat looks like when it’s yawning?
Life is better when animals are in it,
so let them into our life and lets slow dance to it’s beat.

Have you ever seen your friends and hate them?
You loath them cause they pretend to be precious gems,
Human beings are interesting specimen that change easily,
so lets slow dance through life and hope the change fits us perfectly.

Have you ever felt life is short but you wanna move on?
but people still hate you and brand you a con.
Well, ignore them and their condemnation,
just slow dance through life and you’ll find your salvation.

Have you ever feel that your life’s end is near?
And there’s no one for you to share the pain and hear your fears.
When you die alone – no one will regret,
so just slow dance towards the end – all the pain and suffering
you felt – you can easily forget.