I met my partner through very circumstantial events. Neither of us was looking for anything but a chat one fateful evening at a friend’s party led to another, and another, and another and before you knew it, we were already dating. But we don’t like labelling it as such though, because we much prefer to let both our journeys be. Our relationship works as we’re complete opposites. For example, I am a rather loud person. Not in a garish, wear everything fluorescent in the closet kind of loud, but more vocal in my opinions. He, on the other hand, likes to quietly observe and he will only disclose his ideals when we’re in private, some of which, are too idealistic. I may not agree to everything that he says and me being me, I have to make it known that I don’t. This displeases him somewhat and sometimes we argue. But he knows on some level of his pride and ego that I am always right. Even when I’m not, I’m always right. That’s the dynamics of our relationship you see: I’m older, ergo, “I know more things”. This then brings us to the question of the furniture on the outside patio. Although it’s monsoon season, it hasn’t been behaving as such for days on end now. Still, I like to keep the table and chairs inside, just in case it rains because truthfully speaking, I can’t be arsed to carry them in every time it does. But that fateful morning, as the day looked like it was ready for sunshine and blue skies, my partner put the furniture out.

He said, “It’s such a beautiful day. Let’s sit outside!” to which, I replied “It’ll rain”.
He looked at me as if I was crazy. He didn’t say it, but I knew he was thinking “Yeah right, Nostradamus”.
“I’m telling you, it’ll rain” I said, with my arms crossed leaning against the door frame.
He cared not for my realism which he often says is pessimism, but what does he know. There was no changing his mind, so I walked in nonchalantly and said under my breath “Okay, suit yourself”.
He was all set and all that was left was a book to read underneath the hot sun, yet just as he went to grab one, there was a loud cracking sound in the atmosphere. Both of us heard it but he dismissed it as being anything. “Could be anything” he said. No sooner than that thought expired, small droplets of water started falling on our window. I was starting to feel incredibly smug at this point but resisted the urge to rub it in his face. Mere spits became sizable beads and before you knew it, it was, in fact, raining. I watched him as he frantically gathered the furniture inside and smiled. “I’m always right”.


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