As you create, be wild and tame


Use those creative wings and soar…

Let yourself go.

Go crazy! Go mad! Write / draw / film what you will – leaving no stone unturned, no question unexplored. Create anything. Paint a bus blue. Stand in an open space and sing – with or without words; in tune or otherwise. Lose your pride. Cry. Hold your head up. Be open to chance.

Be a child.

Let go! There are songs to write, people to watch, birds to emulate, seas to swim in. Time doesn’t wait – plunge in, or sit out. You have only the promise of today. Please throw out the excuses. Make every second count.

Create something. Anything! Let your wild heart run free, unbridled.

Then do something hard.

Challenge yourself:

Hold it in.




Watch your thoughts and emotions come to a halt.

Wings of Desire

Is there now paint on your jeans? Half-written sentences scrawled on the back of a receipt? 100 photos of a single bud? Are your feet tired from dancing?

Observe the aftermath.

And… leave it.

Are you thinking about how art makes you a less sensible person?

Are you wondering where all that madness came from?

What about your usual seriousness? That mess on the table?

The mess in general?

How about those bills to pay?

What about the fact that you are “not a real artist”?



Today, you created something that mattered to you. You dived into your wild heart and made something on your own, something you were waiting for (whose??) permission to do.

Nevermind that no fans queued up for your autograph, or that painting for five hours made no difference to your bank account balance, or that you ticked nothing off your to-do list.

Today, you found freedom – and you will find it again, whenever you choose to be wild.


Yet remember: you have not grown up for nothing. Art is powerful and dangerous. Don’t be careless with your words… don’t fling art’s fangs at the world. Learn to hold. To stop. To acknowledge what matters to you. To acknowledge the pain that surfaces. To transform that pain into life.

To use your art for good in this world. What does that mean? Simply that in whatever you choose to print / sell / distribute / perform – you are aiming to help someone else to feel the rush and wonder of life anew. Help someone find the same thing that creativity awakens in you.

Whatever you do – Do. Not. Rush.

Be wild. Be tame.

Be an artist. Be a responsible adult.

Now go and create something worthwhile.


Melanie Tan writes every day – for money and for love. More here.

P.S. Yes the pictures used are stills from the film Wings of Desire. That film is a great example of a wild and tame flight of creative genius no?