Friday Flash: Love Lane

Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang

Ah, Love Lane.

Dapper boys knock on doors
Opened by smiling girls
A red or pink flower in their hair
Floral dresses that hug their waists
Whisked away
To stroll hand in hand
Along Love Lane

Where the birds chirp, tweet and sing,
To the tune of gaiety and giggles
While the trees rustle in the wind,
And their leaves waltz to the breeze

“Oh, I love you with all my heart, my darling”
“Forever and ever, you and me”
“My heart is eternally yours”
Whispers of sweet promises made on every corner
With kisses to seal it

He laced her fingers through his rough hands
Her soft skin warming his bitter heart
Her eyes erasing the wrinkles on his face

She nestled her head on his shoulder
Breathed in the scent of the man he is
His strong arms promising trust and protection in darker days

Fate sometimes has other plans

…promises made have to be broken
….wishes never come true
…forever has an end
…there is no chance for a “goodbye”

And the sun has to always set once in awhile
Even on pretty old Love Lane


in response to the picture prompt.