Wednesday Stories: Pink Bubbles


Sam snuck up the ladder onto the roof again and we had to coax him down as usual.

“Sam can you please get down, it is dangerous up there,” his dad croaked.

“No its not.”

“Yes it is please honey,” I pleaded.

“Just a while more.”

“I am coming up to get you.” His dad was a rather impatient sort, and would rather be doing, rather than talking.

“No dad, I am coming.”

Dave gestured for me to go back into the house. I nodded. I was getting to nervous watching my boy on the roof. I went to the bathroom and turned on the tap to fill the tub. I adjusted the temperature so that the water was a little steamy, but not scalding. Sam had been this way since he lost his grandparents.

I heard him run up the stairs.

“Momma, I want bubbles in my bath.”

I emptied the bottle of bubble bath and watch it froth under the running water. He walked in.

“Dad’s mad at me.”


“Because I would not come down.”

“Is it wrong that he is mad?”

I allowed him to think about it for a bit. And I helped him into the tub.

“But is it wrong for me to be up there?”

“Well darling it is dangerous up there.”

I sat on the toilet seat and watched him make handprints in the white froth.

“Grandma Lea said that she’s going up there.”

“What do you mean Darling?”

“She said she’s just going upstairs.”

I nodded.

“But she’s not upstairs and so I thought she might be on the roof. But I did not see her there either.”

I nodded and then looked at the boy as he looked up at me.

“Where is she really?”

“Darling, she’s in heaven.”

“Where is that?”

“Well that is sort of up there in the sky.”

“So she lied when she said she was just going upstairs?”

“No she did not honey, she just meant a different sort of stairs. Not these ones.”


“But can I visit?”

I heard Dave’s footsteps and smiled at him as he poked his head into the bathroom.

“Visit where Sammo?”


“Right, don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

I closed my eyes and heard Dave mumble.

“Hang on.”

I heard him run down the stairs and back up.

“Watch this.”

My husband dropped some food colouring into the bath and took off his clothes to join Sam in the water. Slowly the water turned a tinge of rose. And I heard Sam laugh.

“Pink Bubbles!!”

I guess I’ll just explain the rest to Sam tonight, for now I will let him laugh with his dad.

Dave winked at me and I smiled. There are some things he will always do better, and for the other things, like washing off the red food-colouring stains, there is me.

for the word prompt Bubblebath

and for InMon – [death has] many names