Friday Flash: Dreamer


There is a castle in the sky, where Maya thinks up new dreams for herself.  She deserves good things, she knows, this life will one day change with a violent whoosh and a tornado will sweep her up, give her new skin (one that doesn’t break into dry circles, peeling like dead fruit, under the sun), new hair (one with thicker strands that don’t shred, one a proper woman ought to have), a new mouth (one unkissed, tasting still of summertime papayas) and a new womb (one that didn’t witness two stillbirths, of children she would’ve raised to be fighters). This other place would let her be Maya, a fuller and untainted version of herself, one no man could claim his own.  Maya will one day reign, a kingdom comprising all the darkness of her past and the lollipop gleam of her future. She’d command all the words of a story, and it’d be a story that would hold her up – so she could believe that good things were also meant for her, that dreaming wasn’t just for princesses.

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