Friday Flash: Oh Liberty


I sit perched on the wall and watch the graffiti artists that stand in places where the white women stood. Where they stood to weep for me.

My body was a broken one, not because it was old, but because it was mis-formed. Deformed. Right from the time I emerged from the darkness of the warm womb, I had known nothing but tears. Nothing, but the pain of being within that tight unmoving body.

A prison.

The doctors said I would be gone soon, but my damned mother’s prayers kept me here longer than I would, so I lived well beyond my expected life-span of one and ten. A miracle they called me. And the women would gather and placed their hands on me to pray.

So I lingered.

I thought living another seven more years would see them ready to set me free but when I finally closed my eyes and relented to my constricting lungs, I heard them cry. Ungrateful for the years I had held on, just for them.

They did not know the torment. The daily war between my will, and my might. My body was bound, and my soul, my soul it longed to be free. I sat, perched on the black wheelchair hearing people speak, mouths moving, tongues wagging in envy and I would watch Mary, the little girl next door skip and sing. How I yearned for the day I would be set free to skip, to talk, to sing.

The day finally came and I braced myself for the great leap. I emerged from the shriveled body and rejoiced looking around.

“Celebrate with me,” I said at the top of my lungs. I breathed freely. Finally speaking. Finally dancing. Finally singing. I twirled with a joy at my liberty.

Looking around I could see no joy. Instead of laughing, the white women wept.

They wept clutching onto my ugly physique as I watched their tears go by.

They poured out their hearts, emptying it of the pity they had for me, for my body and their tears held me close, so I lingered.


And on. Like I used to.


The white women left, one by one. Departing their old crippled bodies, to meet with the sun.

And I finally turn to make my way.

But. As I flit on I realised.

In all my lingering I had forgotten the way.

To heaven.

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