Would You Send Me An Angel?


Lost in this dark place,

hoping for a miracle,

struggling to be safe..


As I sat with my legs close to my chest..

it burned, the air what I forced into my chest burnt,

its pain searing throughout my chest..


Here I am, I screamed

looking up to sky,

would you send me an angel, I asked..


I scoured daily for food,

scampering like a rat running wild.

a belly filled with garbage was killing my body..


the streets had hardened me,

I’m a warrior inside a body of a skeleton.

I’m hidden from the eyes of the world as no one notices me.


I am one of the thousands

that calls the sidewalks our home.

but no one sees us as normal beings..


once again, here I am, I shouted

looking up to the sky.

could you send me to an angel, this time, again, to God I asked,.


now as my fur begins to drop,

and my throat becomes dry.

I sit in a corner and weep

as no angel had come to shed my misery..


they say cats got nine lives,

but I didn’t even get to enjoy living one.

I hope, unlike me, the rest of my species are able to live,

live and be able to be free..

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