Wednesday Stories: Celestine


By Sheryl Chieng

Laughter burns calories
Alcohol creates memories
My favourite cakes give me diabetes
I never wanted to learn about the birds & the bees

Escape to a far-off fantasy place
Where I could lay my thoughts at ease
Do nothing and just reminisce
Of custard and long strips of mozzarella cheese

Green doesn’t exist in my imagination
Destruction and despair far exceed creation
Happiness equals a state of oblivion
Or harboring wild dreams of emancipation

The mild weather is an afterthought
The sea resembles a pitch dark inkblot
My tired zombie eyes look bloodshot
Here I am, another mere harlot

To not stand out
To blend in with the crowd
To shout your mind out loud
To be yourself, strong and proud

Contradictions abound
Truth-seekers lurk around
Sharp as a hound
Silence – Make no sound

Death starts to take hold
Creeping barely-there mold
Seek escape on parole
Seize control