Wednesday Stories: Celestine


“I am some sort of an angel you know. I had been sent from heaven to do just this.”

“Do what?”


“Blow up pink balloons and give them away?”

“No, to whisper love into balloons and give them away. I am giving love.”

“Oh right.”

There was a silence as Arjie wondered whether or not his neighbour was being serious. She looked like an angel no doubt. He had never seen anyone so beautiful. Not this kind of beautiful anyway, she was so light, fluffy and bright. Her hair was the same, light, fluffy and very blonde surrounding her sweet face with a sort of halo.

A balloon burst and Celestine laughed. Arjie pulled his eyes away from her and mumbles.

“Too much love there.”

She giggled.

“Will there ever be too much love you think?”

Arjie stopped to think. There was his mother, who suffocates him with her expressions of love.

“Yes sometimes.”

“hmmm.” Celestine had never been a recipient of love, never from a human anyway. She never thought humans on this earth were capable of loving purely. It had some form of carnality this human love. Sort of slightly flawed. The kind of love she is giving away, it is pure.

Unadultered by desires. And selfishness.

The afternoon went by in silence as she blew up balloons and Arjie tied them up with string. As the sun began to set she thought they had enough balloons.

“Ok let’s go”


“To give these away.”

Arjie nodded helping her gather the balloons and dragging them by their strings. She ran down the street and gave it away to a little boy. He did not take it.

And neither did the rest of the little people she had tried to give it to.

“What is wrong with my balloons? Do these people not want love?”

“I think they don’t know it is love.”


Her balloons were not appealing of course, unlike the ones filled with helium, they don’t float and fly. They sort of bounce and flap.

“Maybe its the packaging. We need to make them float.”

So they dragged the balloons back, popping by the shop for another 100 pink balloons.

“That’s a lot of balloons, you might run out of love to give.”

“But God told me I would never run out and anyway there’s more where this came from.”

Arjie laughed. Celestine stared at him with her wide eyes and scrunched her forehead. “What is so funny.”

“Oh, Erm. Nothing.”

“Come on then. We need to figure out how to make love fly.”

And there they were with 100 unblown balloons in a plastic bag, dragging 100 deflating balloons.

“Maybe balloons are not the bestest way of giving love you think?”

Celestine stopped. Then she sighed.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before we bought the new balloons?”

“I don’t know”

“How then should we do it?”

“I don’t know. Shout it?”

“Brilliant! Why did I not think of that?”

Celestine dropped her balloons and starting shouting.

Arjie was not sure if he was up to her crazies, so he walked home in the opposite direction.

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