Slow Dance ~ Part Two ~

Have you ever danced a slow dance?
When you think nothing ’bout life and just grabbed the chance.
Life may be long for some so take it easy,
life may be short for some, so loosen up, silly!

Have you ever danced a slow dance with a friend?
Slow dancing can help when there’s a relationship that needs to be mend.
Friendship gives life a new set of challenges,
going through life with a friend tones down it’s madness.

Have you ever danced a slow dance with a family?
Enjoying life with them though you hate them like an enemy.
Love for you is there but you can’t take it for granted,
love for you is there even though that’s not what you wanted.

Have you ever slow danced with your lover?
Spending time with them, hoping it’ll last forever.
A duo only works if there’s trust,
without it, the relationship will crumble into dust.

So are you going to slow dance right now?
Just sit back, relax and watch everything around you flow.
Life is a rough ride and rarely easy,
so take a deep breath and watch life go slowly.